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Below you'll find answers to our most frequently asked questions about the Future of Fashion:

What is ETTA?

ETTA is a proprietary body scanning technology with integrated B2B and B2C SaaS applications that reimagines the relationship between buyer and brand.

What is ETTA?

How do

use ETTA?

All it takes is a 360° spin

in front of your smartphone to create your Light Body. 


Download the app and create an account. ETTA will guide you through the process.

Person enjoying their online shopping experience
Person reviewing which clothes to wear
Person checking out the shopping experience online while listening to music

The ETTA app launches Spring 2023.

Allie Burger the founder and CEO of ETTA

Allie Burger

Allie is a sports producer and reporter [ESPN, NBC and The Chicago Tribune] turned lead Accenture Business Designer for Fortune 500 C-Suites turned phygital entrepreneur and founder.

Beyond ETTA, Allie loves playing outside, mentoring with Girls Who Code and serves on the Young Professionals Board for Special Olympics.

Who created it?

meet our Founder + CEO

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Let's create the future together.

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